Acting Sub Lt. Chattrapon Sudnate (Jued)

Maestro Chattrapon Sudnate, born on 12th February 1984, graduated with a Central Vocational Certificate from the College of Dramatic Arts and furthered his studies at Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Faculty of Art Education, International Music Education. While he focused mainly on playing the horn, he was also trained in singing by Teacher Wanee Laddaklom.

At the present Chattrapon is a government official, teaching brass instruments at the College of Dramatic Arts, Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture. He joined the "Bangkok Voices" as a tenor vocalist in 2005 and has remained choir member until now.

Thiradet Sornprasit (Ice)

Maestro Thiradej graduated with 2nd Class Honors from Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture, Department of Music Composition, International Music Studies Branch. He started his muscial education when he was a Grade 1 student at the College of Dramatic Arts (Wang Na), majoring in international music and piano. He chose singing as minor subject and joined the choir of the orchestra of the College of Dramatic Arts, the experience of which resulted in his passion for the art of choir singing ever since.

His singing experience comprises the participation in two operas at the Bangkok Opera, i.e. Aida and Mae Nak, singing in concerts and important events, i.e. 106 songs hosted by Radio 106 FM, vocal performances during APEC Conferences, Thai Pride Concerts No. 6, 7 and 8, Boy Story by Boythakol Kiatwirawan, Government House League E, Thai-Chinese Connection Concert, the Thai-Brunei Event of the Department of Public Relations, etc. etc. Maestro Thiradej has been a Tenor 2 singer of The Bangkok Voices since 2012 to the present and currently also teaches the piano.

Jiroj Jiravanid (Um)

Maestro Jiroj started his music career by playing the flute in the marching band of Wat Nuannoradit School in 1992. Later he studied music at Ban Somdet Chaopraya Rajabhat University, where in 1998 he had the chance to join the choir as singer with choir master Somchai Ratsamee and regularly participated in university activities. In 2013 Jiroj had the opportunity to become member of "The Bangkok Voices", and with them he performed at numerous concerts and also competed in many choral competitions.

Preedipat Rukprom (Patong)

Preedipat hadbeen interested in music since childhood and aged 16 he made up his mind to study music at the university level. He then decided to apply to join the choir band of Sisaket Wittayalai and lacking any background experience in singing, he decided to gain more knowledge and experience in music. After practicing with the band for 1 year, he participated in the 3rd Asia Pacific Choir Games 2013 in Indonesia.

After completing secondary education he decided to study in Bangkok, wherein 2014 he had the opportunity to join "The Bangkok Voices" in the tenor section. As a member of "The Bangkok Voices" he has enjoyed multiple opportunities to participate in international competitions, i.e. the 4th Vietnam International Choral Festival and Competition, and the Asia Kodàly Symposium 2016 in Taiwan.

He applied the knowledge and experience gained to the development of the Sisaket Wittayalai School's choir band, served as assistant conductor, working behind the scenes to help and coordinate the band, until the choir band was able to win many prizes in student arts and crafts competitions, and eventually up to international competitions.

In 2016 he studied singing with Mr. Rungtham Kiatsrichat, technical coach of "The Bangkok Voices", and was selected by Dr. Kittiphon Tantarungroj, "The Bangkok Voices" music director, to be one of the representatives from Thailand and friends from other 6 ASEAN and South Korea to join the Incheon Asian Youth Choir for a training camp and a concert in South Korea, led by Dr. Hak Won Yoon.

Prideepat is currently studying Music Education in Year 4, majoring in Electric Guitar, Faculty of Education, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University.

Isarawat Wongsawadee (Taifun)

Maestro Isarawat graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (Bang Mot), received a scholarship from King Mongkut's Institute of Arts and Culture - singing and ceremonies. His experience with music started by playing the piano and singing when he was 5 years old and he received the DipABRSM Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

He began chorus singing in 2007 as a pioneer member of the KMUTT Chorus and has been a member of "The Bangkok Voices" since 2010.

After graduation from the Faculty of Engineering Isarawat engaged himself as piano and singing teacher and returned to be music director for KMUTT Chorus, where he had the opportunity to participate in international choir competitions, as the music director of KMUTT Chorus for 2 shows, 1st Lanna International Choir Competition in 2016 and 5th Vietnam International Choir Competition 2017, receiving 3 gold medals in total.

Krittikorn Sodthisong (Gank)

Krittikorn became interested in music in high school and started playing the saxophone from Mathayom 4 onwards, joining the marching band of Benjamathep Uthit Petchaburi School and the country music band of the school. His musical achievements in high school were mainly in marching bands and symphonic bands. During the period of Level 6 high school education he was selected to compete in a country music type performance, held in the frame of the students' arts and crafts competitions, and was awarded gold medals at district and regional levels. With his special dual ability he passed every selection, and after graduation this skill awarded him a diamond scholarship from King Mongkut's University of Technology, where he was a member. He participated in the 13th 3K Music Festival. His chorus experience originates from participating in two international choral competitions, including the 1st Lanna International Choir Competition in 2016 and the 5th Vietnam International Choir Festival in 2017.

Apimuk Suriyakrai (Fuse)

Aphimuk is a student in Computer Information and Technology Program, Faculty of Education, Industry and Technology of King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi, and also a member of the university choir, known as KMUTT Chorus.

Studying in secondary school was the base of his experience in music, when he was a member of the school's percussion orchestra and had the opportunity to compete in drum line for the Royal Cup Award which he won two years in the Junior Division.

His music experience started when studying in secondary school, as he was a member of the school orchestra's percussion section and also competing in the drum line for the Royal Cup Award. He won the first prize for 2 years in the Junior Division and later competed in the Winter Guard International Competition in the USA, being ranked 12th in the world (in 2014 and 2017). He is a member of the Bangkok Drumline Society, the first band of its kind in Thailand, which had previously been invited to perform in Japan. Further, he is a member of the Crystallize Percussion Ensemble. This relatively new band competes in the Open Division and has won the runner-up position in 2016.

His involvement with music allows him to meet new friends, new societies, new cultures, and gives him opportunities to learn and gain experience. Music also allows him the supremacy of seeing the wide world by making him travel to foreign countries. He, therefore, loves and appreciates "Music" for its integration of invaluable experiences into his life. In 2017 he was given the opportunity to become a member of The Bangkok Voices in the tenor section.