Alisa Jesakul (Bow)

Maestra Alisa has loved singing since childhood, when her ambition to become a singer and songwriter had its beginning. She started her  musical education by joining the Thai music club in elementary grade at Petcharawutwittaya School, supported by the Royal Thai Army, where she played her first Thai instrument, named Khong Wong Lek (small circular gong). When in high school at Sarawitthaya School she decided to join the school's marching band club, where she started to play the trombone, her first musical instrument. Throughout the 6 years at Sarawitthaya School Alisa dedicated her time to the activities of the marching band, participated in music contests and even represented the school in musical talent competitions by playing brass instruments and singing songs.  These activities made her realize that nothing could give her more happiness than playing music and in high school Alisa decided to ask for her father's consent to take classical music seriously, aiming at passing the entrance exams into university. Under  the tuition of her first singing teacher Maestro Parichat Chanthai Alisa spent almost one year in preparation for the exams into Silpakorn University and was successful in her aspiration to enroll as a student in the Faculty of Music, majoring in Vocal Performance, commercial music division and learned singing with Dr. Kazuo Inoue. After having attended the university for a year and a half, a life-changing event caused her to take leave of school.  However, she was never discouraged from following her own dreams. She reaped her teaching experience and music performance to earn her own living.

In 2010, a senior student at the university introduced her to the Bangkok Voices. Alisa did not hesitate, accepted instantly and decided to join the choir. She was most happy to become a member of this group, because in addition of the singing experience, it also gave her a career and acceptance in society. Apart from having the opportunity to travel to domestic and international choral performances,  it included the opportunity to educate provincial youth choirs with the aim to develop their abilities to the level which allowed them to compete according to the requirements of international standards, a task which makes her very proud.  Although she is not a famous singer, she is a singer who can be of benefit to the country. This realization is very meaningful to her now that she has successfully overcome hardships of life, without allowing obstacles to discourage her. She would like continue this dedication -  which has become very dear to her - throughout her life. 

Maestra Alisa has been a member of The Bangkok Voices in 2nd Soprano section since 2010 and has  recently moved to 2nd Alto . She is currently teaching chorus singing at Sarasas Witaed Romklao School. She is also a singing teacher at Melody Plus Rama 3 Institute and KPN Robinson Samut Prakan.

Her teaching experience :

6 years at KPN Siam  (Teacher position KCI Red Card)

5 years at Phawan Music Institute (Pinklao) 

Special guest speaker on choir singing at the following secondary schools

Loei Pittayakhom School  (Loei Province)

Surasak Witthayakhom School (Chonburi Province)

Sisaket School of Science (Sisaket Province)

Ban Thoet Thai School (Chiang Rai Province)

Woraraj Witthaya School (Loei Province)

Hat Yai Somboon Kunkanlaya School (Songkhla Province)

Voice Recording

The vocal project "Ruam Jai Thai" comprising 12 songs, sung by 12 artists. In the song "Tai Rom Thong Tri Rong" by The Bangkok Voices she was selected as 1 of the 12 artists of this project.

Voice recording on the occasion of the 36th Years Anniversary of TV Channel 3

Voice recording for the Songkran Festival  "Yen thua La Maha Songkran "

Voice recording for the soundtrack of "Phoo-ying thueng phoo-ying"

Participation in the singing contest on  the program "The Winner is 2" and "2nd Souls"

Araya Krueangklang (Sai)

Maestra Araya began studying music at the age of 14, initially as a member of the Subnoi Nuea Witthayakhom School choir band, The Clair Chorus, in Saraburi province, and as member of the school's marching band, NW Band, playing the euphonium. Araya studied singing and piano with Ajarn Samanawan Phuangphu and passed piano grade exams with Trinity College, London.

In 2013  Araya studied for an undergraduate degree at the  Faculty of Arts, Music Department,  Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, majoring in singing. Her teachers were Maestro  Wirat Patipakon, Maestra Ploenphit Phongsathorn. Araya is a member of the SSRU Chorus Choir under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Chonnat Minanan and continuously had the opportunity to perform in a series of university chorus activities, as well as with the chorus of the Royal Thai Police Band. 

In 2015, Maestra Araya became a member of The Bangkok Voices Choir in the alto section. Currently, she is a singing teacher at Assumption College Thonburi,  Monkey Town Artist Academy GMM Grammy Institute.

Pan Piriyaprernt (Pan)

Pan graduated with a master degree in Informatics at RWTH University, Aachen, Germany (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen)  . After completing additional education in Germany while working in the country, she was a member of the vocal ensemble "Ohrkohr" in Aachen from 2012 to 2017, giving her the opportunity to sing various styles of choir music, from jazz to classics -  which she enjoyed very much. After relocating back to Thailand,  she joined The Bangkok Voices in 2017.

Pimyanant Kantayaporn (Pearl)

Pimyanant’s Music Journey started when she was 7 years old with violin as her first instrument. After that, she joined the School's Marching Band when she was 10 at Sacred Heart Convent School. She continued her music study at the College of Music, Mahidol University with the age of 16 in the Young Artist Music Program majoring in Western Music Performance (Clarinet).

During her bachelor's degree,  she chose to continue her studies in Music Technology to extend the knowledge of technology learned from working at the Pre-College Concert in the Young Artist Music Program. During 2016-2018, she joined the Mahidol University choir which was the first experience as a choir member and during that time the choir got international recognition with numerous awards. i.e.

After graduating from the College of Music, Mahidol University, she still loves to sing in the choir, so she joins The Bangkok Voices in late 2020 as Alto singer.

Aj. Siriluk Charoenmongkolkij (Kae)